Saturday, May 4, 2013

Old man (me!) can still run - Sun Run Report

Yes it's been 2 long years since doing the Sun Run and a 10km road race. Last year I was in Boston and as a result couldn't partake in this epic run! For me, this year's event was really special, since Boston is so close in my recent memories. It reminded me how close we really are in this world and how everyone is so connected. I received dozen messages, realizing that my fellow co-workers, particularly old acquaintances I haven’t talked to for so long thought of me when they heard about Boston! I wore yellow and blue along with my Boston shorts (as per usual you might say...), but this time to also show solidarity with Boston victims. It would be weird for me to not mention this and pretend this tragic event didn't happen.

So this year’s Sun Run turned out to be quite a humbling experience. It is no PB but only 15 seconds from matching it. It goes to show that despite my greatest doubts, I was able to pull off my goal time - sub 40 minutes. I was joking with Liam that maybe even sub 60 minutes would be out of reach after all the weight I have gained this winter. Boy would he have given me a hard time if I were to live that day. I didn't know if my leg speed was still in me, especially after my trip to Prince Rupert (see previous post for pictures ;P). I am super stoked about my time, it's like the feeling you get when you earn a bonus to what you were originally anticipating. I cannot complain.

Both my coporate and the ubc tri club teams managed to do really well. Great to see so many friends and co-workers doing this event. The sun run is almost like a re-union too! It was cool to run into some old familiar faces as well - some alumni ubctc--ers Tim Loh and Jared Penner.

Here's a pretty cool time-lapse clip I found from the Vancouver Sun Page! Enjoy! PS - BMO tomorrow is goin' hurt! Really hurt! >.<

Credit to Doug Giles for catching me out of 48,000++ runners!

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