Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pace Bunnying Around for the Vancouver Scotia Half

I got to say, my first time being a pace bunny was super fun!

I was very lucky to be selected for the Asics Team squad pacing the 1:45 half marathon group. Despite the summer heat conditions, I did hit my target kilometre pacing with nearly military precision. One of the Asics Reps even ran right next to me. Feeling like a rockstar! :)

I was in the thick of the race atmosphere minus the usual intense pre-race jitters. Instead that void was replaced with some pre-race bunny jitters, as runners were coming to me (ME!) with questions about pacing and tips. A lot of blind trust was placed on this newbie pace bunny.

Pace bunnies do come with super responsibilities. People are safely tucking away their watches so that they can just solely follow you. Me! That is their complete focus. If only I had an evil laff, but I decided it was best to run a solid race for everyone to hit their goals.

My strategy was simple. Steady on the flats. Easy, higher turnovers at the downhills. Try to hit each kilometre on 1:44 pace.

This pace band helped.

Some highlights:

While going downhill on NW marine, a lady told me that we were doing it right, taking it slower on the downhill.

My co-worker Nelson at the Running Room ran with me the entire way. It was super satisfying knowing he was happy with his result. We ran 1:43:45 with plenty of time for people to reach their sub 1:45.

I got comments from people thanking us for being able to hit their goal times! “What a beast!” someone say to me!

Of course coming into the finishing line, you got comments like “Wow, such perfect timing!”

Dimitrios was pacing a friend too, and said “A long career of pace bunnying ahead of you, my friend!” I had my nerdie pace band on one wrist and TomTom GPS watch on the other wrist and gulped, “Yup!”