Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zee 2013 list

Alright I guess if I intend on keeping my new year’s resolutions for this year, this mean I need to have a plan.

Alright zee plan. To be brief, rather than go into detail - I’ve realized it’s best to start with a list.

Alright sticking to zee list. I’m thinking I’m running out of excuses to procrastinate any further. So here it is in the least words possible.

1. Stop procrastinating
2. Smile more
3. Go au natural
4. Be better at being clean, tidy and organzied
5. Eat better
6. Get curiouser and curiouser
7. Pay off debt
   a. Student loans
   b. Car loans
8. Practice at B-Races
   a. Subaru Series
   b. BMO Marathon
   c. Sun Run
9. Perform at A-Races
   a. Chicago Marathon
   b. Arizona IM
   c. Whistler IM
10. Move out (finally!)

This should be a good year. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!