Saturday, November 17, 2012

Persistence is Key

Sometimes when you truly believe in tackling something in the best way possible, I’ve come to accept that taking harsh criticism is just part of territory. It is so easy to make judgements and offer unsolicited advice on meeting tunnel-vision-like objectives. But the bigger picture seems to be always a miss. It is persistence that keeps me going. Your gut knows best when comprising for the bigger picture.

It is just frustrating when people don’t want to listen and assemble virtual walls up. Over time, I’ve learned to be patient and hopefully one day those walls would come down. Otherwise failure is almost inevitable. It is a soft skill they don’t necessarily teach in school but rather a skill that is developed over time.

Usually I take my training zen-ny habits and apply them to the work place. And not vice versa.

But in this case, I think I can. My Victoria Marathon time was about 11ish minutes off my goal time. My mind wanted to go, but my body was just beat after a long race season. I peaked during the IMC race in August. My foot started aching during the race in Victoria and I felt an uncomfortable injury was coming had I pushed it. My gut knew the bigger picture would be to keep injury-free, and comprising this one race objective would be okay.
8888.8 km - Awesome!