Thursday, March 17, 2011

Race Report: UBC Tri – Try Tri Again.

Date/Time: March 6th, 2011, 12:05 pm Heat 1f
Weather: 5 to 10ish, sunshine
Distance: Olympic
Chip time: 2:40:05
Swim: 32:07
Bike: 1:18:17
Run: 49:43
Age Group: 8/26
Overall: 30/184

There is great promise for an exciting race season to come. My race at the UBC Tri went not so bad, but not so great either – perhaps a solid OKAY to reaffirm my confidence and to delete those jitters during the preseason. I have learned so much during the past year and know that I need to correct a few kinks in the armour before I am officially ready for the real race season to begin.

Despite a generous 8 minute margin deficit in matching my course record from last year in mid May, I think inevitable positive spirits still crept in because I take joy in racing. And it’s only early March.

That said, so far this year I’ve noticed the swim is my best improvement of the three and I am feeling stronger in the pool. This perhaps could be attributed to doing more dry land training such as chin-ups and push-ups. For a runner who unfortunately still swims like a runner, there sure was a lot of bubbly action rippling behind.
I have to thank my dad for once again taking these great action shots. Soo PRO, gotto love them.

Ben on the left, me and Mike on the right. Timing guy looks like he's about to take his scheduled midday nap.

Ben, who started directly behind me, must have braved the brute force from such tsunami action. Sorry Ben!

First time on the P2 for this race. Yep, after years of complaints from my dad, I was totally posing here...I was only metres from the dismount zone.

I've been told there is no such thing as a fast transition sitting down.

Stop right now. Thank you very much...

Gosh legs felt super bricky by this point.

Some key lessons learnt:
• Wear race belt right side up
• Could probably DO without leg warmers for this race
• Need to incorporate more speed workouts on the bike
• Started run a bit too fast at 4:10s km pace (realistic pace would had been in 4:30s)
• Race jacket worked nicely
• Intentionally smiling for the cameras make great race photos!

Some M-Dot friends I will be seeing a lot of this race season. Brendan, Dylan, and me stealing Steph's bike.