Tuesday, March 26, 2013

These Race Faces will make you smile!

UBC Tri Olympic Distance

Sometimes I wonder why I keep doing these races year after year after year. This year it seemed to be almost public knowledge (within the UBCTC at least) that Victoria's goal was to beat me at the UBC Tri. She had beat me two years ago already in this race and was ready to lay another digital spanking to yours truelys and anyone else that gets in her way for that matter. Her training proved to be too strong this time, but hey that's just racing sometimes. :)

According to Coach Tia, my swim was a solid 28:06! I almost got disqualified when the official tapped me on the shoulder after doing the first 800m and said that I had to swim ALL the way to the end of the lane before swimming under the lane ropes (not 49ish meters when switching lanes). I had a few people on my tail and this made for a messy adjustment. Luckily I managed to avoid any head-on smashings.

The bike went okay, and the run felt slow. I might have had the case of bricky legs. And yes I have to thank my friends for finding these epic race photos online (Credit to Derrick Lee for the bike photo below).

The standard grimace race face
The grimace race face in slo00ow motio00on
And finally the flying squirrel grimace race face.