Friday, June 14, 2013

Post One Hundred. Shawnigan Report and Exciting News!

The rain was just relentless in Shawnigan.

All that gloom was brighten with the help of my new Enve 6.7 carbon wheels. I got all the increased aerodynamics advantage I could possibly ask for. The wider rims and special resin braking components rolled well in the rainy conditions. Because my last three years racing here have all been within 15 seconds of the total time, I knew I needed something extra special (i.e. to buy my speeds)for PBs now. And boy did those wheels work!

A friend mentioned she heard Steve King, the famous announcer, had said that Winston will be very happy with his swim split going 50 seconds faster than last year as I was exiting the swim. I had no idea at the time about the swim PB, but I think I could very much attribute the anticipation of riding on the fast new enves wheels as the culprit for the quicker swim time. :) To be honest, because the field was only 70 competing in the half iron this year, I still felt like I was in dead last place exiting the water. I wonder if anyone else feels this way?

May the force be with you! Credit to Lise for this awesome pic! :)

I noticed the feel of the wheels really boosted my confidence. My pace was steady for the first three of four laps around the lake going sub 40 minutes. The last lap, my fitness caught up to me and I went about 3 minutes slower.

The run is probably my favourite part in this course because you can see everyone. At one point of the course, you could see the Sprint and Olympic athletes too! Great to see all your friends and receive some helpful encouragements along the way.

Overall I was quite pleased to be more than 4 minutes quicker than the previous 3 years. I might had had quicker bike and run times in the past but up to this year I never did string together a solid swim-bike-run performance. Think the wheels is definitely to blame! :P

James and me on the podium. Credit to Lise for pic!

Also in the news, I've had the tough talk with my dad about moving out recently. Despite some resistance and some critical judgements, I think it went well for the most part. I can cross out the move out on the to do's on the new year's resolutions list finally!! Can't wait. Canada day should be a special one this year. :)

It will be another busy weekend, as I plan to start the anchor leg for my 24 hours relay team at the Easter seals. And then book it over to the Island for the half iron race. Hopefully no little fast kids beat me this year (they were really close last year). My confidence might be shattered if they do (just kidding, not really!). The pressure is on. Bring it? Suckas. :)