Friday, April 29, 2011

This may not fly in the office.

Today in zee office, I tried sporting this new ifitness race/fuel/freaking-everything belt I just got from the BMO expo, it's amazing!!

My boss did not approve tho... =(

Reflectors, bag for storage (with hidden inside pocket), jels can attach onto straps, bib has it's own elastic ties, 4 onze water bottles can be detached...oh man everything a race belt should have! =D

Race Report: Sun Run - Fun Run

Date/Time: April 17th, 2011, 9:00 am first wave
Weather: 5ish, sunshine
Distance: 10K
Chip time: 39:23 (3:57 per km pace)
Age Group: 59/2472
Overall: 289th / a bazillion plus

You can trust, only Garmin can tell time how it was meant to be told.

Last year, I looked at Garmin and it had said 3:55 min/km pace. This year I cautiously looked at Garmin again, and relieved to see 3:57 min/km pace. Hooray!! Not too shabby, exactly 20 seconds off from my pb chip time from last year and glad to see sub 4 minute thunder was still there.

Please forgive me! But I think I may have freaked out some fellow sun runners during the pre race anticipation of the start by coolly sharing my insights to a friend. I could regurgitate all my split times from last year by kilometres. OK fine, I can understand to the casual runner, I may have come across as a huge running dork. Short shorts, flats, visor, using only 2 pins for the bib to minimize weight, etc. For most I guess, this run was meant merely as a fun run. If there was a fine line that I had to cross for taking this race a little too seriously, I think I might have already crossed it and taken an extra 5 steps. =)

Despite being armed with this pre-race knowledge and strategy, I still couldn’t avoid the huge jittery crowd. One runner randomly did a standing leg twitch and somehow managed to gingerly kick me near the knees. Minutes later, another was stretching and friendly-elbowed me in the chin. Coincidence? I think not! This was all in part of a elaborate plan to take me out. 

Another runner didn’t even bother to signal and rudely streaked across my running lane during the initial 1km. I had to push my arms towards his back because I thought I was literally going run over him. Runner’s roadrage I call it! Had he signaled, I would had anticipated it.

Since entering zee real world, I must admit, I definitely don’t have the time to recover how I used to. I totally have to approach this sport with a new attitude. However, I knew I still had a sub 40 minutes performance in me. This race was just the perfect kick-start to my racing mentality. Love it. 

BMO is in less than 2 days + 5 hours!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Let the Rockstar Tour Begin!

It’s nice to be back in the bloggy world again.

I’ve just been so busy MOVING these days (yes again)! Only a 3 month stint at our previous place and it’s already time to pack the bags again. Not the most ideal way to train for zee ironman per se, but as an opportunistic triathlete would say, I consider it practice for transitioning faster. And I recommend leaving your training items unpacked to the side, just so that you can still sneak out of the house and log in those valuable training hours. See newly added training log at bottom. ;)

Anyways, enough with the mundane details, I’m excited about the Winstorm’s official 2011 rockstar tour. Much of the race schedule will be dedicated to prepping for the ironman in late august. I plan to do the BMO marathon as a build up to the distance. Should be a marvellous marathon; surprisingly I have not yet participated in any BMO events to date. Next up will be the Subaru Western Triathlon Series: Shawnigan, Victoria, Vancouver and Sooke.

By the end of August, I plan to do IMC. Hopefully work won’t conflict; there is a small chance this may disrupt my plans. Yes, in the real world, you have to come prepared for these kinds of things, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good karma. =)

Oh yes SUN RUN is in less than 2 weeks! SUB 38 minutes? I’m going try, but I think more realistically is SUB 40. I have the added pressure of performing well as newly appointed Team Captain for my company this year. Let’s hope it all goes well! =)

UBC Tri « Olympic « march 6 - 2:40:05
Sun Run « 10km « april 17
BMO « Marathon « may 1
Shawnigan Lake « Half « may 29
Victoria « Half « june 19
Vancouver « Half « july 3
Sooke « Half « august 7
IMC « IM « august 28