Friday, April 29, 2011

Race Report: Sun Run - Fun Run

Date/Time: April 17th, 2011, 9:00 am first wave
Weather: 5ish, sunshine
Distance: 10K
Chip time: 39:23 (3:57 per km pace)
Age Group: 59/2472
Overall: 289th / a bazillion plus

You can trust, only Garmin can tell time how it was meant to be told.

Last year, I looked at Garmin and it had said 3:55 min/km pace. This year I cautiously looked at Garmin again, and relieved to see 3:57 min/km pace. Hooray!! Not too shabby, exactly 20 seconds off from my pb chip time from last year and glad to see sub 4 minute thunder was still there.

Please forgive me! But I think I may have freaked out some fellow sun runners during the pre race anticipation of the start by coolly sharing my insights to a friend. I could regurgitate all my split times from last year by kilometres. OK fine, I can understand to the casual runner, I may have come across as a huge running dork. Short shorts, flats, visor, using only 2 pins for the bib to minimize weight, etc. For most I guess, this run was meant merely as a fun run. If there was a fine line that I had to cross for taking this race a little too seriously, I think I might have already crossed it and taken an extra 5 steps. =)

Despite being armed with this pre-race knowledge and strategy, I still couldn’t avoid the huge jittery crowd. One runner randomly did a standing leg twitch and somehow managed to gingerly kick me near the knees. Minutes later, another was stretching and friendly-elbowed me in the chin. Coincidence? I think not! This was all in part of a elaborate plan to take me out. 

Another runner didn’t even bother to signal and rudely streaked across my running lane during the initial 1km. I had to push my arms towards his back because I thought I was literally going run over him. Runner’s roadrage I call it! Had he signaled, I would had anticipated it.

Since entering zee real world, I must admit, I definitely don’t have the time to recover how I used to. I totally have to approach this sport with a new attitude. However, I knew I still had a sub 40 minutes performance in me. This race was just the perfect kick-start to my racing mentality. Love it. 

BMO is in less than 2 days + 5 hours!!

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