Sunday, March 28, 2010

Winstorm 0 – the Wall 1

It’s been a little rough this past week, nevertheless long story short I’ve managed to survive it!

Last week during a pre-race training for Storm the Wall, I’ve managed to smack my lower right forefoot right against the wall at an awkward geometry. I felt this awful ‘guesh’ sound inside my right foot and knew instantly something was wrong.

The night was restless as I struggled to put the pain past me. The next morning, my entire right foot was swelling quite a bit that any pressure applied on it bought a world of hurt. Putting on a shoe was quite the challenge, I must admit. My little sister was kind enough to take some time off from work and drive me to the hospital. At the waiting room this super cute nurse offered to push me around in a wheelchair and then took some x-rays of the injured foot. Luckily the doctor said I had no bone fracture and said it should heal in a week.

Slowly my day-to-day recovery has been remarkable. I’ve managed to go from being on crutches (Thursday) to limping (Friday) to walking gingerly (Saturday) to a slow jog (Sunday). See exhibit A for my thankfully semi-minor bruise.

Exhitbit A - Bruised Foot

Tomorrow, I shall show the wall who’s boss. My heat at 11:55am Monday will be stacked with UBCTC favourites namely Vincent Lavallee and Andrew Wight. I’ll be hopeful if I can just qualify to the semis and buy myself two more days to recover.

Thanks for all the moral support, I really appreciate it. I've always considered my running ability a strength. For that reason, it is so surprisening for me to understand how difficult it is to jog 1 km, especially when one foot is constantly reminding you otherwise.

PS - Apologies for the lack of blog updates, I'll do my best to keep up with school winding down.