Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My life is a race. Victoria Report. Housewarming.

It's been flippin' madness lately. You can say many aspects of my life is a race. This month has been complicated by moving out.

I had been busy shopping, building furniture (luckily had some good friends to help), waiting for services/delivery, and prepping for house warming fiesta! Oh yeah and tact on that half ironman in Vancouver last weekend (report to come in another post). It's been a good week.

Well, actually it's been a good month. Two sub 5 hr performances in Victoria and Vancouver.

The weekend of Victoria, I had to make a pre-trip stop at the 24 hours Easter Seals relay to do the opening leg.  PS - a friend Jen unfortunately couldn't attend to defend her title this year, so it was up to me to run on her behalf and defend the UBCTC's streak. :)

Success! Trust me, it was the photographer's idea.

Photo shamelessly stolen from newspaper article from here.
 Next up was Victoria. The race and the competitor. Well I guess many all know too well that I had slimly edge Victoria by a few seconds last year in the same race. This year she was out for blood. Haha kidding, she's the nicest competitor and helped me tackle a few more minutes off my PB (and obviously beating me in the process). I guess that's racing sometimes and it's humbling getting beat while setting a killer PB. I finished just shy of 10 minutes faster from the previous year!!  

Victoria helped pace me stride for stride but I couldn't keep up to her after 14km. You may not be able to tell, but I was really struggling.

I remember one dude, assuming he witnessed the final kilometer of our race last year, said during the run as both Victoria and I passed him "Really!?! Not you guys again". 
My swim is also getting stronger this year. I've been shaving a couple minutes and consistently getting into the sub 37 minute range (I know still dreadful to swimmer's ears, but I'm really pleased).

I'm just a poser of course.
Read the complete official team report by Theresa here.

As mentioned earlier, July has been busy.
Early stages of movin' with a bazillion shoe boxes.
Lional was kind to offer his truck for getting the sofa and bedframe. I owe him big! This was also the day my mattress finally came in. Talk about getting your three biggest ticket items (exception of the dining table) on the same day.
At IKEA, funny people thought I worked here by the way I dressed (In my defense, I had to book it from office and had keys/scan card hung around my neck so I wouldn't loose em').
Thanks to a friend, Bridget and I prepared this awesome Philadelphia turtle cheesecake.

Perfect cheesecake for the housewarming party!

Evidence of Naiely over taking the control tower and ordered us not to use the strawberries for the salad as I originally advertised.

I couldn't complain though, as this salad was super fantastique (with Jesse's help)!
Thanks so much to fabulous 20++ friends for attending and especially a few notables to mention. Jen and Brendan for helping with cleaning, Jesse with his culinary skills for the salad, Jorg for kindly sharing his awesome South African playlist, and Vince for saving us with plates and utensils. :D Overall I don't think I could have done it without everyone's help. And without the housewarming, I would still be living in boxes (!!!), but Vancouver report to come. Until next time! Happy training. :)