Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Keeping Positive + Quick UBC Tri/Du RR

You might think that all I do lately is mope around and feel sorry about myself. Not true friends, I also make massage appointments and do yoga and have to put up with crappy soap operas on TV. Joking aside (although the last sentence may or may not be completely true), I’m definitely staying positive about it and not going let the job layoff bother me. Now that I begin to think more clearly, I’m stronger than that. Fact is these things unfortunately happen a bit too common in my industry and it can definitely hit the best of us, even when we least expect it.

Something I hear constantly from people when I tell them I was let go from my previous company not based on performance is: “You may have some pretty awesome opportunities ahead. Keep your chin up.” My network is amazing and is not going leave me on the side of the road it seems. I’m currently pursuing a couple great opportunities with the help of some friends and words of mouth. Even if these opportunities don’t pan out in the near future, I remain hopeful that more will eventually surface. I am very humbled to be surrounded by a network of really bright and great people, whether it is work/school-related, triathlon, and family. I am really enjoying my time off to reconnect with people and just chat and catch up on a personal basis. So thank you!

My sister is studying her masters in an Occupational Therapy program and although this really didn’t click to me at the time she started her program, but I can see a need for someone to go see an OT. She doesn’t believe that I have any major mental-illness or other barriers and need to go see an OT anytime soon but we’ll see. :)

As for triathlon related news, the good old UBC Tri was a great early test last month. Although only a “B” race, I was happy to see the results on the bike pan through from the 17 or so trainer spins already this year. A huge PB for me. It mostly came from the bike ~ 6 minute faster and a bit from the run ~ 1 minute faster). I never got rid of the "brickiness" feeling in the legs until this year. It should be an exciting season with positive results on the bike-run. Now I just need to do the actual training and increase my run fitness. No more "working-man" excuses. :)

PS - here's a nerdy breakdown over the years of doing this event. Without going too much in depth, I seem to have a bad year after every good year and vice versa. :)