Monday, April 15, 2013

Loans, Wheels, and Desserts

I have exciting news to update!

I paid all of my dreaded student loans this week (yes…finally)! Step 1 of 3 to global domination I mean to move out of family nest is complete!
Now just that small car loan to take care of…pennies!! (haha no that is going do some serious damage).

My speedy enve 6.7 clinchers race wheels (actually only the rims, hubs, spokes, brake pads and skewers) are in! The remaining wheels parts to come! Good thing my dad and sister don’t know that I had to spend a kidney for solely these parts…

Now I just need to figure out what kind of tire, tube, and valve extender tape to put on them.

The finer delicacies of life – eating lots and lots of desserts (so much so that I have to lick the plate clean on multiple occasions – okay gross, just kidding - not really I was thinking about it)!! I was in Prince Rupert for two of the past three weeks. A paid vacation of sorts (for work related purposes) and long-story-short resulted to massive damage to my fragile figure. Hey at least round is still a shape by my counts!

Here is some of the photographic memories of my fine dining adventures this past month (PS - I only took photos of the food-worthy-photogenic ones)! Some of the delicious delicacies highlights includes: fisherman clam chowder, New York cheese cake, Belgium waffles, cheese burger Soup, applecake icecream, smoked salmon candy, sorbet, DUNGENESS CRAB (Dolly's Seafood), rack of lamb (Cow Bay Cafe), scallop spoons (Crest Hotel), avocado gomae (Opa Sushi), fish and chips (thanks to fresh halibut season), pan-fried dumplings, cream brulee, and gosh the list goes on and on. 

Caution: eating this stuff may cause you to run a slow 10K at the Sun Run next week.


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