Friday, May 17, 2013

The race of clever signs - BMO marathon race report

The idea of a marathon weekend in your backyard always sounds (at least to me) appealing. Guarantee support and this year was no different, the signs were very witty I must admit. Doing a marathon gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy (ehem occupy time by) reading signs along the course. Anything to distract the mind from pain. 
The "high-five station" sign seen at the sun run was back. A sign read "power button", I guess hit here for power. Another said "your feet hurts from kicking so much ass!", and one more said "there's no app for this" so keep running. The bare buns nudist man from wreck beach was back, this year with signs covering his body parts (unfortunately my vision was momentarily blinded and couldn't read it...).
This year's summer heat made this year's affair the hottest on record in this race's history.
Last year it was the fatigued calf pain. This year it was the tough toenails bruising. I haven't figured it out, but one day I will run the marathon pain free! Pain free!

Pain - ful! Credit to Bryan Andrews for this pic!

All in all, despite going about 5 minutes (sub 3:17) slower than last year I was happy I was able to finish steady. My pace was conservative for the first hour before it got hot in the later two hours. Feet swelled up a bit and unfortunately the nail bruising caused me to slow down. Overall I think given the conditions, I am pleased with my effort. Good to get this distance in me to give me some confidence for those m-dots coming up! Arizona and Whistler, watch out! :)

Finishing smile, feelin' the hurt!
Credit to Lise Munsie for this awesome pic and her awesome support after her half marathon race!


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