Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boston Day 2 – Getting kicked out of the Expo

I was a man on a mission!

Operation Boston Crème Pies and clam chowder was still in the works.

It was Day 2 and already my frustrations were mounting. Eventually our tummies were getting super hungry walking down Boylston Street and we were desperate.

 Poe Burger

Not the same as Boston Crème Pies, but a comparable alternative was this awesome Poe Burger. The patty was stuffed with lobster limbs - need I say more?

Hard to read, but a rule we can all abide by on the menu...

" *Consuming Raw or Undercooked Meat, Fish, or Eggs Can Pose a Risk to Your Health. So Can Smoking,  Riding a Bike, or Crossing the Street. Eat, Drink & be Merry!"

...I can certainly appreciate the balanced facts.

Just outside, I ran into this shoe. I asked for directions for the coveted Boston treat. The shoe claimed Toll house cookie and Indian pudding were better! We got into a heated debate in the baking sun. The shoe told me Boston Creme Pie didn't really exist and it was just a load of pudding-cake (not pie).

Long story short, we had to settle our differences and became good pals with the conclusion Boston Creme Pies does exist!  

Okay the story didn't really pan out that way, but there is a little bit of history on the dessert.

Slowly Carl and I made our way to the expo. We brought an Aussie friend, Keith, who we met at the hostel, along for the experience.

We were somehow leading a group of strangers into the gate, with no real sense of directions.  Oddly enough the doors, located just near the arch gates, lead into this massive underground convention centre (we were above it the whole time).

Carl was done early on. Keith and I felt like little kids in a candy store. The big running names were all here! I guess that shouldn't be surprising considering most of them are based in Boston. We couldn't leave.

Keith and I were ushered into the end where all the official merchandise were located. By this point, Carl probably had been waiting for a few hours and got in more than some good reads from the Boston Marathon magazine. 

Security had to kick us out (kindly show us the exits), before I even had the chance to try on a couple items. Nevertheless, I grab them anyways and made it to the cashier. On the positive side, there wasn't any long lines. =)

Before we knew it, the day was gone. Operation Boston Crème Pies and clam chowder had to wait another day!

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