Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boston Day 1 – Fleeing to the Freedom Trail

Boston is a big running city. 

Running stores were plentiful. Sidewalks were generally wide and flat. Each intersection was uniquely old-looking in its own angular way. I couldn’t believe the number of people running on the streets. I felt a little overwhelmed. The Boston Jackets were everywhere!

Carl and I have just arrived in Boston with only 5 days to explore. The hunt for Boston Crème pies and clam chowder and seafood officially began. 

We had to kickoff the trip with the Freedom Trail to check out the historic sites. On the way we past by Boston Public Garden and started at the Boston Common. I couldn't help but take some pictures during the run.

 Boston Public Garden

The Freedom Trail was about a 4-km route that connected several key revolutionary and colonial-era sites in the downtown core. 

 Massachusetts State House

Looks like some Occupy action.

Quincy Market

It wasn’t hard to immediately notice the downtown core had plenty of running festivities in stored for the big marathon. The whole city was in a running frenzy. Quincy Market had some street theatrics and quite the selection of food (more to come later!).  

Most of the Freedom Trail consisted of a zigzagging path of red bricks. We simply just followed it.

I had to capture the shooter of the model!

Across the bridge we went.

Charlestown Navy Yard

Don't worry these are only "defensive guns". The offensive ones are missing.

WWII Era Destroyer needed some touch-up.

Nearing the end at Bunker Hill Monument.

And up the 294 steps we went (probably not the best taper idea)! 

The end of Freedom Trail. 

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