Friday, September 24, 2010

One year later...

...flashback to One more year.

Disclaimer: Spoiler Alert - Secrets revealed!!! I'll recommend you just skip this post if global domination is not your kind of thing. It's quite boring, anyways. ;)

Dear Blog,

I realized sharing many of my life experiences are fresher on the blog and I now only have to waste half as much time repeating exciting/boring/sad/angry/hungry/superheroes stories via MSN (don't laff, I'm asian =P) over and over and over and over again to all my bffs best buds. Thank you!

Everybody needs a little corner of the world to call their own; your blog page on the worldwide web is no exception!

How to become one step closer to global domination, STEP No. 1: Start your own blog! Yes yes yes, you may be wondering what on EARTH are all these friggin' STEPS of late!

This is basically (besides being a complete DORK) a series of steps towards becoming closer to global domination status and it shall be my secret life mission. We’ll keep this between my loyal followers and me! On the record, my real life mission is to earn an honest living... (...not sure if it is going very well, a work in progress T.T).

Happy one year anniversary (albeit close +/- 72hrs)!

Nuff said, peace. =)

PS: I noticed many new blog bandwagon jumpers recently, which is just super cool to see! Derrick, Eddy, and Spazzz!
Keep up the awesome work!