Monday, September 21, 2009

One more year.

I’m stoked about my first post.

In preparation for the UBC Triathlon Club (UBCTC) Fall Classic Racing Series, I’ve decided to jump onto the Blog bandwagon along with my closest rivals in the club including Andrew Wight, Chris Scott and others. Sporadic coverage of yours truly pre and post-event thoughts will be posted here.

This summer was great! I got a chance to completely get away from engineering and become a free-spirit. I also achieved a few personal best times at the two half irons (Victoria and Vancouver) and quarter ironman (Nelson) races I did over the summer. In brief, I explored many new places to swim/bike/run with the help of my gps watch and mentored a bunch of friends (also recent grads turned free-spirits) who wanted to pick up running and swimming from scratch. By the end of this summer, I am proud to declare that they learned to suck it in (those side stitches) on the running track and learned the basics to front crawl in the pool, which was great to see. In doing so, I had some serious down time to reflect on the helms of my own techniques and training regime. I was enlightened to go on countless epic adventures along the way, including trips to Saturna Island, Eastern Canada, Victoria, Nelson, and Seattle, and I have many more memories that will last a lifetime. World domination as a free-spirit never felt so good. Alas, some good things do come to an end, shucks.

Going back to school this year, my family, friends, and even bullies are scratching their heads over the fact that I am here. Somebody’s going tell me that I really should be on a warm beach somewhere far and exotic. But perhaps as much as I want to embark the ‘real’ world after graduation, I figured holding off one more year to let the job market recover is a smart thing to do.

So here I am, a student at UBC doing a master’s in engineering and specializing into structures. It’s a professional degree – like shopping for those buy-one-get-one-half-off deals, except in this case, it’s one-more-year-at-UBC-get-another-degree deal. Hopefully, this is what I had bargained for. More importantly, that already means one more exciting year with the UBCTC!


  1. I'm the first to post a comment!
    Anyways, you must've had some awesome friends who could actually suck in all those side stitches!