Monday, September 28, 2009

UBCTC Opening Day!

Last Saturday was UBC Tri-club’s welcome-back BBQ.

Group Picture at Iona Beach

The nice, breezy morning started with a 9am ride to Iona Beach from UBC. A total of 23 amazing riders showed up to negotiate the gusty winds, especially leading up to Iona Beach. This must had been one of the bigger group rides I’ve been in awhile, which was a load of fun - just imagine all of us crossing the entire mainspan of the Arthur Lang Bridge. The strong headwinds forced us to average about 20-25 km/hr heading west to Iona, and we averaged about 45-50 km/hr on the same stretch of pavement heading east with the tailwinds. I managed to record my maximum instantaneous speed at 50.3 km/hr.

Ride to Iona Beach

Next up was our Triathlon 101 clinic at 11am just outside the club’s office at the SUB. Vince, our club’s president, was demonstrating on how to change a flat tire. We must have had a lot of funny looks from ordinary people just walking by and seeing many spandex-clad athletes, oblivious to the bike clinic going on. It must have been another one of those publicity stunts on campus. Haha jeez.

Triathlon 101 Clinic

Before you know it, it was noon, which meant that the burgers and dogs were ready. The food suppliers crew, Andrew and Lauren, did a great job getting the food behind the scenes. Also, Iron chef Matt was our designated beef cooker, while Nathaniel mostly made sure that Matt was doing his job properly. It should also be noted that Brittany helped out with security, ensuring that only members of the UBCTC got to eat the food. All in all, the event was popularly attended and people had a good time.

BBQ at the SUB

The complete photo album can be found here.

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  1. ha, awesome, glad your wrote this up, I was procrastinating doing the same thing. I hope you don't mind I posted it to the team blog and linked you from it.