Sunday, September 5, 2010

Subaru Banff International Triathlon - Showdown!!

Banff National Park - Two Jack Lake

If swimming, biking, and running in “one of the most picturesque races in the world” hold little appeal, then the big showdown definitely should garner the attention of the world!

The Subaru Banff International Triathlon will mark the fifth and final playground at Banff National Park, as the race debuts this year in the Subaru Western Triathlon series. Although only Olympic and Sprint distances are offered in this race, this hasn’t even deterred Ironman 70.3 Female Champion, Magali Tisseyre, from coming.

According to Impact Magazine July/August 2010 issue, she has 10 planned races for the season; all of them in the Ironman 70.3 distance except her only Olympic distance being at Banff. It seems only fitting that all big showdowns occur in the races she attends in the Subaru series, with the last one being the BIGGER showdown in Vancouver.

Many big names from the UBCTC will be racing at Banff.

Andrew, (pic taken from last year)
Andrew, a familiar face in all the half ironman distance races in the series, is unquestionably out for lunch meat this time around the final bend on the run course – i.e. the Winstorm variety. His latest effort in Sooke is starting to remind us of his pure greatness from last year.

Scott, AKA Eagle, is an Olympian specialist after already dominating in a few this year. Despite being the only one among the big names to not race in the BIGGER showdown in Vancouver, he will be out for prize money/blingware for sure! This race also marks the first meeting this season between Eagle and I, since neither one of us is volunteering/racing-in-a-different-distance this time.

Secret Ninja JP is so clever at holding a poker face. Rumours indicate that he secretly signed up for Banff, trains in the dark, and tells nobody (perhaps not even family members)! He also occasionally tends to organize group rides under an alias name and then not show up for them.

Big Man on Campus
Michael Duncan is the big man on campus with the guts of steel! There’s no telling him what he can or cannot do. IMC 2011 baby!

Vince easily spanked yours truly by 14 minutes 25 seconds at our last Olympic Distance meeting. He is in a league of his own.

As for my chances? - As good as Andy Schleck winning the tour!

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