Saturday, May 8, 2010

Road Adventures

Funny story while riding home yesterday during epic ride no. 4 of this week!

I was going up a steady inclined on the way back home from UBC near the Macdonald area and out from nowhere I heard this persistent trickling noise behind me for a good 100m. I was curious to see what it was, but resisted not to look back in fear that I would show signs of weakness. The trickling noise continued, and I was thinking to myself, “Man, this person can sure keep pace.” I eased off my pace and pulled slightly to the side to let this noise pass by. This old lady on an electric assisted powered bike goes by me, and the old lady said to me in a high pitchy voice, “I was counting on your streamlines”. It gets better.

At a later stop, I asked her if she modified the bike herself. She answered in a funny sarcastic voice, while holding a cigarette in her left hand, as she accelerated away “You bet... Do I look Chinese to you? ...It’s made in China!” I thought she was hilarious.

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