Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UBC Olympic Tri Race Report

My repertoire of spandex attire had increased dramatically this year, and so the ubc tri was a perfect opportunity to rock out the one-piece tri-suite for the very first time and man did I feel like a superhero!!!

the swim

and bike

Super cool action shot!

and finally the run!

I have to thank my dad for these great shots!

I managed to get a pb swim time 27:50 which is much faster than my 29 minutes goal time. Also, I managed improve on my bike time from last year on the same bike course, as well I pulled off one of my fastest runs in a triathlon. Going into this race my expectations were much lower than the sun run the week before. In the back of my mind, I was aiming for a 2.5 hours with a run pace of 4:20 min/km.

I managed to get just slightly over with a new pb time of 2:32:09 and clocked a 4:18 min/km pace on the run course. This beats last year's time of 2:45:48, also improvements in all of the three disciplines. This amazing result despite a 112km ride including a climb up to Seymour the day before, I really feel more fit this year unlike any other year. Haha jeez, I was only intending this race to be a build-up to my halfs. Pbs in this race is just gravy and creme mashed together!! YUMMY!!

Racing flats runners, gps watch pacing and quicker leg turnovers are a big part of my success this year. I no longer feel as much stiffness in the legs after the bike. It will be a very interesting test come this weekend for Shawnigan in the half iron distance.

A familiar face, Andrew Wight, the guy who encouraged me to do the Victoria Half with him last year and then ended up destroying me in all three swim/bike/run in his home turf, will be doing the Subaru series as well. He will be one to look out for.

A-Dubs rocking zee West Coast 

There will be many more familiar faces doing the olympic distance in Shawnigan including Scott Chris, the guy who barely held on to a 30 seconds lead on me in the Vancouver half last year. He opted not to do the half in Shawnigan due to undisclosed reasons. Rumours has it among members of the triathlon community that there will be too much competition for this Majestic Eagle to bear in the half distance.

Scott Chris, eyeing his competition, will he be able to pull off a stellar Olympic time?

Stay tuned for a very eventful weekend! =D


  1. Dude from CalgaryMay 26, 2010 at 9:54 PM

    So what did you win?
    Don't tell me you did this for no reason...

  2. @dude from Calgary, I may not fly airplanes, but this was a lot of fun! I did 'win' a highly coveted UBC water bottle. =D

  3. Dude from SeattleMay 26, 2010 at 10:44 PM

    I'm glad the one-piece did it for you and contributed to your great achievements. Congrats! Any chance you'd think about selling the water bottle? GL in Shawnigan this weekend.