Friday, April 30, 2010

SUB 40!

It’s time for a blog update. After weeks of stressing and nerding it up for endless hours, this week I have been finally able to rake in some decent running mileage in hopes of finally cracking the prestigious sub 40 minutes time at the Sun Run next weekend. And this year is definitely the year to do it. I say this because it’s been 3 years in the making and I have no more excuses. Anything over 40 minutes would just not give me any satisfaction!

My previous Sun Run times were as follows:

2006 45:53

2007 43:59 (1:54 improvement)

2008 41:49 (1:30 improvement)

2009 40:37 (1:12 improvement)

This past Wednesday’s interval run, most of us did 6 by 400m and 800m with 60 and 90 seconds rest in between on the track. My heart rate managed to reach a new known max at 194 bpm a few times, which is about 5% more than my normal max. I was averaging about low 170 bpm for the intervals. I hope this is a good sign of my fitness.

New Max HRT!!

I was holding paces in the 3:20s and under 3:30s with my very last 800m faster than my first 400m. Of course the pace times on the track is a little inflated than my road speed. I hope to do some more intervals tonight at the beer mile. We’ll see if I improved from last semester. =)

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  1. That's awesome dude, you'll be cracking 40 for sure, just make sure you show up early and get to the front of the line.