Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Du Provincials Opener, Lucky 13s, Belt Buckle and Wine - Bare Bones Duathlon RR

Don't open that wetsuit bag just yet, this duathlon race was the perfect kick-start to the multi-sport season. Shake off some winter rust by adding a little bike component inside the 10k of running basically. 

The olympic distance for BC Provincials Championships was 5k/32k/5k for run/bike/run with a giant triBC provincial champion belt buckle and a bottle of wine on the line for provincial age group winners. Qualifiers spots for Spain in 2019 was also up for grabs.

This race attracted national level talents including a few local elite celebrities - all household names Jeff Symonds, Jen Annett and Jesse Bauer. 

This local race was a standalone duathlon, which doesn't happen often. Race awards were presented at the nearby pub (Barely Mill Pub) with burgers to refill those hungry bellies. It was a cute little transition zone inside a small parking lot.

Run Courses for both run 1 and 2:
A flat stick and 2x lollipops around the Skaha Park and beachfront. Ongoing beach goers must had thought we were in a rush for something... :)

Transitions for both T1 & T2:
A very quick out for T1, and a Z-shape for T2.

Bike course:

One out and back to OK Falls similar to the classic full-iron Canada route. A fast tail wind flat section along Skaha Lake and then a little hilly puncher section into McLean Creek road.

The race overall was pretty consistent for me. I started out fast and I started to fade gradually, entering T1 in 13th. Jen and Chris Yee took off with the front group.

Jumping onto the bike, it was a blistering tail wind section along Skaha Lake (going high 40s km/hr), which would only mean a killer headwind on the way back (~29-30 km/hr). Jen and a few faster runners went back as Jen Annett and a few uber bikers flew ahead. I felt like a spectator watching the strong runners and cyclists duke it out.

Once turning into McLean Creek, I saw my good bud Chris Yee. He's a strong runner. I gingerly passed him but I knew he would be close to catching me on the second run.

We were told in the pre-race safety briefing that caution would be advised for the down sections at McLean Creek due to loose grit and washout from the recent snowmelt floodings. One biker pushed hard to pass me on the descent to OK Falls just before the turnaround. Once completing the turn, I caught the biker without effort and looked back only to see him blow-up.

Entering T2 also in 13th, a little more technical than T1 with the additional two lengths of running.

The final run was hot. I held a steady pace and managed to squeeze in a 13th finish. My quick transitions saved me from coming 14th! Those seconds do add up in turns out!


Jen and I had to coordinate wine colours! Also creeping Jeff Symonds and Brad Lee (race director)! 

Fraser Street Run Crew swept the  podiums for 30-34. This was Kang's return to multisport after a couple years and rounding out the AG provincials podium. :)

Overall a fun trip with Kang and Jen. I think we'll be back next year!

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