Sunday, April 30, 2017

St. Paddy's 5K and Sun Run 10K RRs

Quick updates from two local races.

St. Patrick's 5k

Fun race as usual for me and hard for me not to do it since the race director is Steve, but the competition was fierce as advertised. After party with beer was fun too. This year I ran a bit slower since it was only a week after my UBC du race. Only steps from the downhill start, I got overly excited and got this unusual feeling when my chest strap heart rate hinge came unsecured. I had to hold the monitor for the rest of the race (pretty much the entire race), here's a look at the messed up data, which some heavy vertical oscillations. :)
Lessons learned: always check that chest strap is secured. I was stoked to still sneak into the top 100 - finished 97th overall.

Sun Run 10k

I was hoping to represent our tri club team but we didn't secure enough members to qualify. So Winston had to go rogue and run for himself. Less pressure, more individual glory. Race execution went slightly better! I started the race with Nathaniel, UBCTC alumni, near the back of the blue group. I was afraid of getting run over by the speedsters but mostly didn't want to get in their way. :)

I could see one of our M2M training partners Judy most of the way, stoked for her for crushing a PB time! For me, I had a black cloud over my head and had to not take too many risks as my marathon was coming up in 6 days in Nashville. Still a great time, finished pretty much where I expected to me based from recent interval efforts. 37:43. Here's a slightly better representation of my run dynamics. Here's the data:

Two races, two about 20s shy from my PBs from last 2 years. One was a build down, and the other was a build up. I'll have to race both the 5k and 10k distances properly another day to hit a PB again one day. But the focus this year is some marathons and multi-sport. :)

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