Saturday, March 25, 2017

Another Wet Rainy One! - UBC Tri/Du RR

It's been a few months of off season, I'm excited to get back at it. UBC Tri-Du was my first race of the 2017 season. Also last February, I just transitioned into a new job, I can become a working man again! No more mid-day naps between jobs, unfortunately. PB's will now be tacked on with an extra minute or two of grace. :)

Of course just when I thought I can escape the swim, the rain comes pouring down. The sky just came down. The previous 3 of 4 du-s at UBC were some of the wettest I've been in. This one was one of them. At least this beat the snow that came down from last week. One cancelled race earlier this year is more than enough. 
Instead of the swim, stick a run, and you get run/bike/run for the duathlon but really it felt like swim/swim/swim with the cold miserable rain.

Run1 - Jen and the lead group took off, I hanged onto 4th into T1. Jen had cold fingers and unfortunately had a little picnic in T1. I will need to help her with getting some speedy laces for next time!

Bike - It got windy along SW Marine Dr. I was averaging a little slower (mostly due to caution) on the course on this day around 36.X km/hr when normally it would had been maybe a kilometer or two per hour quicker. Our friend Morgan almost caught me at T2, she was only a few meters behind me when I dismounted. I didn't dare jumping off the shoes as the bike rack was within a parking spot reach.

Run2, I couldn't feel my toes. Probably I should had dressed more than just tri-suit and arm warmers on this day. Luckily the race was just long enough to bare without them. I hung onto 3rd overall to finish.

The finish was too cold to hang around! I was frozen but I survived.

Overall it was a cold race. I got a little running nose afterwards and had to take the following week easy.
Credit: UBC REC

I didn't mount my new bike gadget (Edge 520) on the right aero bar (had to be on the left one to sync better with the power meter). So a lesson learned for next time. Here's some neat run dynamics by the FR735xt. My form became less beautiful the second time around, as expected. :) 
Run 1 vs Run 2


  1. Congrats on getting through this race, Winston. I waddled like Daffy Duck the first 3k of the Standard 10k Run portion. My legs from the waist down were in another parallel universe. Slowest run ever, but hey we do this crazy stuff cuz we wanna :) March in BC, duh!!!! See you soon at the next race ! Mikey

  2. Thanks Mikey! Congrats to you too! it was pretty looney tunes out there, tho funny it didn't really surprise me given this winter's conditions. See you at the next one!