Friday, June 24, 2016

Outclassed by Fast Runners at a Duathlon – Point Grey RR

Well race day was a wet miserable day for a race. The theme was wet, wet, and more wet for the run, bike, and another run respectively. Last year we had similar wet conditions, maybe a touch worst. We were joking that the 5-10mm rain conditions we got this year were relatively better at least.  

Jen and I competed in the BC Duathlon Championships again this year. Up for grabs was world qualifier for Penticton 2017. We needed to win our respective age category to get it. Last year, we had little intention to go to 2016 Worlds in Spain, but this year the marbles counted because the Worlds will be coming here!
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The first run I was holding a bit quicker pace than I would had liked. The loops around the stadium was reversed in the opposite direction this year, making it slightly steeper for the ascends. Last year, I ran about 3:50s per km compared to 3:40s per km this year. Going into T1 in 8th, I had my work cut out.

The transition was smooth, and I was careful on the bike for the first hill down to NW Marine. Two loops, I caught a few runners, but the top three was out of reach. Strong field, which made it fun. 

I had less energy to push on the bike as I was still recovering from the run. Slightly slower than last year's bike but still happy for the result. My calves last year died. This year, my calves were relatively fresher and could actually work.

I was one of the slower runners in the field despite the strong run performance (likely would had been a PB on both runs had it not been 400m longer). I got passed by a runner in a puffy jacket and was impressed. I still held on just barely sub 4minute per km pace but realized it wasn't enough to catch the top contenders. It was more just surviving this race at this point.  

Luckily 5th overall secured the top spot in my age category this time. Jen won her age category too. Super stoked. A small monkey is off our backs. :) Next up is long course and aquathon qualifiers for me.


Familiar faces and fabulous company at the race :)


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