Thursday, May 26, 2016

My 100th Race - Boston Marathon RR

What was my time?

I went into this year’s big 120th Anniversary of the Boston Marathon with one of my own big milestones, as this race marked my 100th race, since I started the sport twelve years ago. As well, the race celebrated the 50 years anniversary of women participating in this race. A lot of big miles for another big major marathon.
Me, Johnson, and Baiyun

In 2012, the year of the extreme heat, I ran Boston quite a bit slower and raced to ‘enjoy’ the experience. My time was 3:25-something in the 30 something degrees Celsius weather and it had given me a perspective for dealing with the heat on this particular famous course.

I’m extremely proud of my time, achieving another personal best time; however, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t dreamed of breaking that epic 3 hours barrier coming into this race. I raced a great race, and it was one of my strongest personal achievements, running smoothly for most of the way.

I got an Asics Boston-course adjusted pace band, which really helped. I followed it to the tee until 35km.

There was some breeze late in race but the damaged was done early with 20s C heat. This course is a unique monster and really punishes those that don't pace well.

5K: I took the downhill extremely easy for the first 4k. First few kilometers was slower than my overall run average pace.  

My left calves started cramping first, as the chamber of road made my hip rotate more towards the right side. There was a couple occasions when I had to aggressively tap the shoulder of other runners who suddenly started walking 1m ahead of me in the packed crowds after grabbing water from the aid stations.

16k: I don't sweat often, but I did by this point. I knew it was going to be a tough day ahead!  

1/2 way: 
Wellesly scream tunney could be heard a mile away. They take shifts to scream for 6 hours. Nothing beats this!

There were several mini trampolines with kids jumping and cheering us on, that given me a bit of a boost in energy!

30-35K Heartbreak Hill:
Race redemption to run sub 3 fell apart at about km 35. I knew I was about a minute off pace.  Mostly hips flexors were thrashed with bruising to the toenails. Easier on the cardio after Heartbreak Hill.

Katrina and family cheered us on at heartbreak Hill. I managed to grab a freezie stick from someone off the side of the course as my body was over-heating.

After 35K:
I dared not to look at my watch again and just poured all my effort to finish the race. I knew I was going to be about 1 minute off from reaching my goal time. At that point, I just muster all the strength I had.

Near the final stretch:
Once I hit the Citgo sign, I knew it was the home stretch. So much emotions coming down the final right on Hereford Street and left on Boylston Street. A bit bittersweet experience to see the time tick away and the finishline only hundreds meters away from cracking sub 3. Despite this, I had a great time. As Baiyun says, and dare I say it, it's another reason to come back to Boston one day.

Time for the Lobsters Rolls and Boston Crème Pies. A huge thank you to Johnson and Baiyun for their warm hospitality! And Breakfast Courier for contributing to my trip!

Congrats to my travel buddy Eric for his first Boston!

Lastly here's some nerdy graphs and splits:




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