Monday, February 29, 2016

Last Race as a Twenty-Something - First Half RR

The First Half half-marathon on Valentine's day was my last race before entering the new decade.

The weather was pretty wet this year and I avoided going outside for as much as possible before the start. Unfortunately due to the wait for the line-ups for the washroom, I started with the 1:45 pace pack. It made for some epic crowds surfing as I had to aggressively navigate through the field between KM 2-3. I only have myself to blame for that. :/

Once clear, I was able to settle in with a group with Ellie Greenwood. We had a steady pace until the half before she took off in style. I maintained the pace and ran steady and strong despite the miserable weather.

I was aiming for a 38:20 split at 10KM and got 38:24 which was nearly on pace despite the fashionably late start. Mike ran out from N. Van to cheer us on! He said something like "keep it up and looking for a strong second half from you, Winston". 

I was thinking happy-feet as we got around Lost Lagoon, where usually this was where the legs would start to not cooperate.

Near the end, I was struggling in the last 2KM, the calves started hurting as we had to run up the final mini hills under the Granville bridge. This was a bit of a wake-up that I need to seriously do more running. A small group passes me but I cruised into the top 100 this year for the first time!

Overall I'm pretty pleased with my progression over the last few years:). Promising sign to break my long waited sub 3 marathon eventually! This year might be that year!!

Both of my more speedier roommates had a special cake for me that night! :D 

Thanks for reading! Until next time! :)

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