Monday, January 10, 2011

Moving can be a moving experience.

 Happy new year!

It sure has been hectic these couple of weeks and what a relief to finally settle into our new place to ring in the New Year. Engineering our way for 100+ boxes of stuff and more ridiculous amounts of furniture to reasonably mingle together into a tight space was no trivial feat by any means; it was amusing to witness (one of us even cleverly Google Sketchup the arrangement).

I wasn't kidding, it totally did freaked out our new landlords!  

Another tight squeeze was along the beltline and you could definitely call me a FATTY now, since I have managed to gain up to 10 extra pounds over the Christmas break. Blame it on daily Chinese restaurant holiday family dinners as the culprit...or oh right... must be because of the extra heavy lifting and bulking up of course. Somehow Costco cheesecakes were even smuggled into the mix as desserts for a couple of those occasions! On the record, I had six during one of those sittings; it was utter devastation!

Since I’ve been keeping a training log for the past few years, this December has been the coldest of cold turkey month of training. Wait for it, wait for it...a whopping 5.5 hours of combined swim, bike, and run time!

Yep, indisputably that’s no ironman training, 2011 will definitely have to pick up the slack. But yes, 2010 will always be forever remembered as a special year to me: graduated from school for realz this time, volunteered for the Olympics in my own backyard, achieved many milestones trainingwise, found a job and moved to cap it all off. It’s time to move on and I am ready for new goals!! 2011 should be an exciting year!

Some key 2011 Training Goals:

  • Sub 38 min 10K 
  • Sub 4 hr 50 min Half-iron
  • Sub 10 hr 30 min Ironman!
  • Register for BOSTON!!!

Bummer now I can't disappoint, since it’s all on public record. =)


  1. How's the new place coming along? You're signing up for Boston are you? That will be sweet. I'm hoping to qualify for it this year so you'll have to do it again with me.

  2. Awesome Andrew! New place going well, thanks for asking. YES Boston 2012, that's the plan. We have a good group going for the qualifier this year at BMO. You should join us!!