Thursday, July 29, 2010

T minus 10 weeks to 10/10/10

So my countdown officially begins this Sunday!
The specs to this quest: 10 weeks training plan, 42.2 kilometres of awesomeness, 3:10:59 goal time.

Watch out world, I’m going for a Boston Qualifier time!

...I have a dream we were running from some blazing arrows yesterday...

I absolutely love this song! It shall be my official tune for my marathon training (even though I am quite the stickler and don’t run with tunes).

No matter how EVIL, talk about global domination is no substance without a long term plan. How to become one step closer to making global domination a reality, STEP No. 10: Always plan ahead!

It certainly wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

Here’s a tentative plan. I have a superb cardio base from cross-training, so I figured I should jump right into the Build phase. I haven’t done a long run since Vancouver, so yes, I’m fully intending on using Sooke as my mileage training.

My bulletproof plan


  1. nothing longer than 30k. Yikes. I plan on getting at least up to 36k. I found that to be a big mistake only going up to 26-28 k for my last marathon...

    Oh I see the 40 as well. we will have to organize LONG group runs soon since a bunch of us are racing it.

    And 10 Weeks, YIKES! I better get running

  2. Yep, only 10 weeks Vince! That's just enough fingers and thumbs to countdown.

    Brilliant idea, we should definitely start a regular sunday morning long-runs group.