Thursday, July 15, 2010

Full-Time Triathlete =)

Since summer school finished about three weeks ago, I am enjoying the time of my life. Less than two months later I will be committed to working for the long haul. Dun dun dunnnn...please help me!

Okay maybe it’s not as bad as it sounds. I wonder if there is a book for dummies on how to transition to the real world? Instead of T1 or T2, but TRealWorld. Last year was simple; two words that could postpone the inevitable – GRAD SCHOOL!

Some Most will argue my current lifestyle is very much like being a F/T triathlete. All I do really is really quite obvious if you’ve been following my blog. I wake up 5:30am, watch the TdF. Rest, eat, nap, train and do some housework, snack, eat, ETC. At 7pm I will still be in denial thinking that OLN had made a huge mistake of not airing primetime coverage of TdF in Canada.

While some may choose to travel the world and/or visit exotic beach destinations, I made it quite obvious my mission is Global Domination for some time now. And on a budget too (you know?) because it can get quite expensive. At least for me, it’s particularly difficult to roll out more than a grand piano espeically if you’re not racing there.

Yep one of the early steps to reaching global domination in a sustainable fashion, How to become one step closer to reaching global domination while still on a budget, STEP No. 3: think globally, act locally.

So far I’m on the right track. I broke 40 minutes for the 10km Vancouver Sun Run, and only recently broke 5 hours for the Subaru Vancouver Half IM. This has been a breakout season for me. In previous years, getting one PB would have been somewhat awesome, this year I have 5 already! Oh crap, sorry I don’t mean to brag.

I finished Vancouver Half IM with the feeling I could still hold the pace and didn’t want to stop. I need to work on speed. That is to swim faster, T1 faster, bike faster, T2 faster, and run faster. This is a lot to ask for Sooke Half IM in a little over three weeks.

I’m still nursing the foot injury and haven’t been putting as much running in as I like.

My sources are telling me that it is also about a 10minute longer course. Realistically, I probably won’t pb this race, but it will be a great learning experience on the scenic course. I’m keen on improving my swimming time at the very least.

Those are my thoughts of the day. Happy training my friends!

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