Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mile Showdown

For tomorrow’s much anticipated showdown of the Mile Event after a week-long delay, competitive spirits are at an all time high.

Competitors have deemed me as their pace bunny since I am not known for having a world-class finishing kick but rather a fast start. I will be trying to improve upon my previous time of 5:41. That means a strong run from start to finish, gracefully dropping competitors one by one hopefully. A few dark horses are expected to win the event; however, the race within the race is the true battleground for the overall contenders group.

That group includes the likes of current golden-cape holder and uphill run event winner Matt Reeve (the coolest brace face I know), two-time events winner Nathaniel Flipper Janzen, speedy negative–split Scotty-Doo, and Mr. Modest Andrew Wight. As to date, all but Mr. Modest have made their claims on beating me to the finish line. Is that so? Little did they know...


  1. bahahaha, amazing!

    I think I like your smack talk best Winston! Its just always so unexpected

  2. Mr Modest? That makes sense, I'm the most modest person I know.

    Love the post.

    Oh, and I beat you on 2 of the 3 events I've done. Hopefully tomorrow will be 3 of 4.

  3. I think it's time for this dark horse to break out the big guns; it's a well know fact that my fine whippet heritage lets be coast along as a solid 53.137km/h.

    here's a little preview of tommorows event