Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5K Run Rematch!

I have a funny feeling today’s 5 km Event is likely the rematch of the exciting Miracle Mile witnessed last week. However, this time the finish will be more favoured for the distance runners rather than the sprinters.

Beside the favourites such as Barry Claman and Vincent Lavallee, I anticipate Andrew Wight to break out of his shell and run a solid sub 19 minute 5K time. He has been relatively quiet in the series of late and has been looking for ‘lunch meat’ for a while now.

In short, it was brutally fast how the mile unfolded last week. I can relate to Vince’s experience of the mile. I averaged 3:08min/km pace for the mile with an impressive result of 5:11 but was out kicked by Nathaniel Janzen and Jared Penner on the final lap, despite running a 76 seconds final lap. It turns out my role as the pace bunny virtually had little effect on pushing the pace.

I hope to run a little more conservatively today and a closer even split.

Now, I may be only a few points behind Flipper in the overall standings, and some points over Scotty-Doo, but that may be deceiving since there are still two major pool events left in the series. For those events, I’ll just be trying to finish for the bonus participation points, whereas Flipper and Scotty-Doo are expected to obtain maximum points. Currently, I’m still fighting for a podium position in the men’s division and I am excited to see how it all unfolds in the next few events.


  1. I'm coming for ya Winston, you may have 48 points on me now, but I'm still 1 event make up. You just wait!

  2. Don't worry, I'm keeping an eye on on you Vince!

  3. Winston, pay attention to the newmark method!

  4. Still no lunch meat. With the events that are left it looks like I may never get any this semester :(

  5. Holy nice PB pace bunny! Great work, can't wait to gain back some of the ground you've taken up in these events