Friday, February 23, 2018

First race at First Half as a Thirty Something - First Half RR


Hot chicken noodle soup at the finish was pretty much a highlight to this year's First Half half marathon. Last year's race had some unfortunately sections closed along with heavy snowfall and resulted to eventual cancellation, and two years ago had some heavy rain.

The course is one of the fastest. A counter clockwise loop around the BC Stadium back on reverse direction towards the start line and then a giant loop also counter clockwise along the Beach Ave into Lost Lagoon and around the Seawall and back into Lost Lagoon and to the finish. Mostly all flat, one small hill if you can call it that just under the Granville bridge near the final stretches.

I wasn't close to my PB in 2016 but I am satisfied that my 1:24 and change (3rd all-time personal fastest). Considering I wasn't even working full-time in 2016, I'm calling this a "WMPB" working-man-personal-best!
Winter Boxzing Gloves - Photo Credit: Jan Heuninck

I didn't quite have the fitness in 2016 but I did employ a completely different strategy. Run in these bad boys: New Balance 880v7s.
Yes, gone are the days of thinking I need to always run in racing flats. Cushion can help preserve my form longer and make the run more enjoyable. I learned my hard lesson in Las Vegas marathon last year when my foot was crushed and yet my legs were fine from ankles and above.
FsRC Gang Photo Credit: Lucas Socio
The Fraser Street Run Club has been whipping me back into shape. Kudoz to all those speedy runners on the team.

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