Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Year 2016 Recap - Brace Yourself for more Graphs.

Being process driven, I like to marvel the new set of dorky graphs from 2016! Put on your nerdy glasses for another boring post on number crunching data. For the original post from 2015, click here

1. Shoes by Year

Last year I wanted to start training with cushion shoes. This method has given me an advantage in getting more softness and protection for my poor aging joints and calves. For racing, I can then use the lightweight racing flats and feel like I'm flying and get those ground contact times down. :)

The Brooks Ghost is a great cushion shoe for 20km-25km LSD runs. Still light enough but cushy enough for protection. 

The asics Cumulus is a slightly greater mid-cushion, perfect for sprinting down hills and is built like a tank. Be careful of its obnoxiously long shoe laces, as I do tuck them in so I don't trip. Its secondary gel cushion technology makes it soft on the heel especially.

The adidas Boston and adios are new editions from 2016 too. Watch for them in 2017, they are dangerously fast, I'm slowly transitioning into racing in them. :D I normally have been racing in New Balance's 1400s.

2. Distance and Intensity Flow Diagrams 

Since 2015, I kept track of workout intensities for each day.

Red meant Race Days/Time Trial Efforts,
Orange meant Lactate Threshold,
Yellow meant Intervals,
Limegreen meant Steady State, and
Green meant Easy Only Days.

Usually after a big race in red, you'll see some solid green easy days.

Lots of easy bike workouts here in green, which gives me more base to focus on running.

You might be wondering about the missing data after September. I did take a little break from swimming, that's indeed just me slacking off. :) 

3. Intensity Breakdown

Here's the aggregation by intensity. The run comparison is neat as more percentage is spent in easy and more racing as opposed to 2015. Less volume and less intervals, and yet despite more racing, was the strategy for 2016, which resulted in personal PBs in half and full marathons last year.

4. Bike Terrain

For 2016, I was still training blind without the power meter for the most part, but the volume is up there. 2017 will be fascinating with the new power meter.  :)

5. Lucky Shoes for Long Course Races

A Winston's classic graph. It looks like there might be one more big race for the 1400s before I retire them.

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