Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chasing an inch, losing a minute - Goodlife Fitness Victoria - Half Marathon RR

One year passed by so fast!
Perfect conditions race morning!

Reading last year’s race report on the 8K sunrise run, I was reminded that I just moved in with roommates Brendan and Jon this time last year. Poor Jen is out for this race too this year, so I had to go at it alone and roadtripped with some friends, Eric and Katrina.
A DJ rocking fat beats at the race expo

Running is a cruel sport. I’m not going lie, this will be a pretty boring update. I held 6th in age division spot pretty much the entire way. Feet were numb, lungs were going, and steps were shuffling. And I did the half marathon. I forgot how much running really hurts!

Beautiful course with nearly perfect conditions on race day. Considering the Saturday before was pouring rain, I’ll take it!

Honestly, I was chasing the coveted sub 1:21 NYC qualifier, but realistically the body could only handle a little over 1:22 on this day.
Nerdy graph alert!

I faded pretty quick near the end while others were gearing up for a sprint finish. But that didn’t matter much since 1:21 was out of the question already early on. On a positive note, a great result leading up for the Seattle Marathon! Until next time!

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