Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Multisport Fun - Aquathlon Nationals in Penticton Challenge RR

Last month, Jen and I went to participate in the smaller events of the multisport festival weekend. I got the watch her compete in the Duathlon, which was a run, bike, and followed by a shorter run. Basically no swimming involved however you split/spin it. :) 

Rolling into transitions in single-speed style

One of the simplest multisport is the Aquathlon, basically a triathlon minus the bike for cold weather conditions. For warmer conditions it would be run, swim, and followed by a second run. I decided to opt for my first one and hey how often are there going to be aquathlon national championships in your back yard province.
Transitions consisted of a little flag with your number on it.

As breezy and bare bones as I thought the Aquathlon was going to be for transitions set up, of course I would forget my body glide. Lucky for me, a few minutes approaching the transition area, we found out among the whispers that there was going to be a no wetsuit swim! Body glide problem solved for me. For the better or the worst this was happening...
Earlier in the morning, the opposite end of Lake at Gyro Beach Park was super calm in contrast.

Late afternoon start

The Aquathlon:
Swim 1km (one triangle in clockwise, the buoys looked way further than I liked it).
Run 5km (two loops mini 2.5km loops)

The swim was choppy and adventurous. I didn't have the fortunate of the floatation from the wetsuit. I.e. I forgot how much open water swimming sucked compared to being with wraped with the nice feeling of neoprene around your body. I averaged 2:15 per 100m pace, which wasn't pretty but at least I didn't drown.

T1 had this little pool! Jen captured it in style!

During transitions, another mishap worthy of being forgotten, was I dared tried putting on socks with wet feet, especially after tipping them in the little wash pool. Doesn't work! 38 seconds later, I decided it was now go-time with no socks.

Jeff Symonds, aka 'get ugly' superstar of the weekend, was about to lap me as I entered the run course. He had nothing but really nice words for me as he passed me and gracefully made me looked like I was running backwards. Two more guys would lap me eventually, but it was super fun seeing everyone racing from end to end action. 

I was a small handful of athletes that had the distinction of a slower time for the swim compared to the run. Not sure if this was good or bad, but it certainly was a more evenly distribution of the different disciplines unlike triathlon where biking is a heavy component of the event.

Overall, I finished in just under 42 minutes. Despite the simplicity, it was probably one of the most fast and furious pain and suffering I had to endure.

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