Monday, August 15, 2016

A Comeback to this Distance - GWN Half-Iron RR

It's been a busy month! Over a month ago (nearly 2...oh boy), a few friends and I did a little road trip to this cute town called Stony Plain to do the Great White North race, which is a popular half-iron in the Edmonton area (approx. 20-km west). If you were like us, coming all the way from BC, you were almost likely competing for those automatic worlds qualifiers spots for Penticton. Unfortunately for me, I was just outside those spots, but didn't go without a killer PB in this distance. At the end of the day it was a great set-up for my full Iron in Whistler and a very solid result for me coming back to this distance which I haven't done since 2014. I was sporting the new TRS Team Racing tri kits (yes, I'm excited to be part of an international triathlon team :) ) and it was cool seeing representation from several others out there!

PS - thanks to the race's director didn't feeling right to charge us for our great results, we were given the right to download these pictures for free! :)

I enjoyed the PhD nutrition drinks.

The race was pretty simple and straight-forward. The 2k swim started on Allan Beach, with a mass start single loop in Hubbles Lake. Two transitions race with one-direction-stick-and-two-loops-lollipop bike course and two out-and-back run loops. It was neat counting what position I was in until I realized on the run course that pretty much everyone ahead of me was also in my competitive age group (haha rats)! ;/

Here's my half iron race results in graphs. GWN was my first time cracking under top 10% in this distance!

Thanks for reading.  Until next time. Cheers. :)

We had some time to check out some Canadian Olympic Trials action!

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