Friday, May 8, 2015

Blue makes a difference! - Sun Run RR

Timeline T-minus...
-19 days - Sun Run 10K ("B" Race)
2 days - Eugene Marathon ("A" Race)
37 days - Cultus Lake Loop Triathlon ("-A" Race) Cancelled, bummer!
50 days - ITU Motala LD Triathlon ("A" Race)

After 5 years being stuck around the 39 minutes mark. . . breakthrough!

Things that were different this year.
- squeaked into the blue section by 1 second with time from last year!
- training a little smarter (i.e. no seymour climbs the day before), better nutrition etc.
- got to use the curb for warm-up without asking for permission
- had VIP treatment mixed in with a bit of friends time before the race

My results:
- I actually got my sub 38 goal time! 37:21
- Accidentally knocked off my 5km PB time too. I was surprised to see 18:21 along the 5K split on Burrard Bridge.
- Quick interview with NTDTV, lol don't judge too harshly...I was still dripping sweat after the run. :P  

What's next?
Eugene marathon this weekend! Sub 3 Sub 3! Watch out world!

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