Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's nice to finally accomplish my goal in style - First Half RR

The First Half race was no doubt a very fast field, but it was a very fun race for me. 

Post race smiles.

1:26:26 was the time I was aiming for... 
(based on a 3:01 marathon in Chicago) - here's last year's recap of the First Half.

1:24:55 was the time I got! Boo-yeah! :)

Race conditions were perfect. The organization was spectacular. The crowds were amazing. The key was running the back half mentally strong and remaining steady. I had some help from the 1:24 group running steady as a rock, it's too bad I couldn't held on for a little bit longer. But I was pretty stocked (humbly surprised) with my PB time. 

McMillan calculator-worst to McMillan calculator-best.

But truth to be told is that I still got my a$$ handed back to me. There are a lot of freakishly fast and styling runners out here in Vancouver. Next year I will shoot for making it inside the top 100 hopefully. 

Nerdy graphs are a must

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