Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GF Toronto Marathon RR

Kids, let me tell you a story on how not to run a marathon.

Drum roll please...and here come's all of Winston's weak excuses from the Toronto Marathon broken into 4 simple steps:
Step 1: Take a red-eye flight a few days before race day.
Step 2: Visit your sister and join her Korean BBQ party until 1am two nights before race day.
Step 3: Under-estimate the net downhill course. Note to self: "net downhill" doesn't mean there won't be any killer rolling hills along the way. The latter half of the course near the waterfront also had strong headwinds.
Step 4: Have blindly optimistic expectations that you will be racing at a much faster pace than your training runs on an familiar course. 

And here's the proper way: :P


The nerdy breakdown of the destruction can be found on the race site: click here for RunPix info.

While I was in Toronto, it was nice catching up with a couple of UBCTC friends Matt Reeve and Kyuwon. I still had two weeks to kill while visiting my sister, so I decided to take up the CityPass and checkout some of the other attractions. The marathon was just a tact on...obviously. :) 

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