Friday, August 23, 2013

Vancouver Report. Random training. Pre-M-dot IMC!

It's been a while since my house warming for my triathlon friends. I haven't had much time to post, so apologies this post might be a bit random. Since then I've gotten a couple more house warmings - one for my school friends (since three were visiting from out of town) and one for my fam.

Note to self: more house warmings = more wine...+ not necessary a problem. :)

Can never have too much cheesecake!
The weekend of Vancouver was a bit hectic as mentioned just getting to the start. I didn't really wrap my mind around the race until after my first house warming. Considering all the preparation I was pleased with my course PB and only 3 seconds slower than Victoria this year.

I had a solid swim with 36 minutes again and the bike went generally well. However there was one hard lesson learned on the bike course. I went out too hard on the first two laps of the four lap circuit. I needed steadier output but realized that the first two laps averaging 35-36 km/hr wasn't going to hold. Realistically I'm more 32-33 km/hr but this is a good lesson for preparations for this weekend in Whistler for the IM Canada.

Excited! :)

End of the Road at Pemberton Meadows Rd.

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