Friday, September 2, 2011

Ironman Extravaganza Weekend (Part 1 of 3 Series)

I hate taper. The week heading into my first Ironman was a huge drag, I'd just been so used to walking on sluggish legs. I was not sure I could handle walking around with these 'fresh' looking legs. I just had been so grumpy all week because I was ready to put down the hurt (that's just triathletespeak for "I want to go train").

All this negativity was normal to me because somehow I always "seemed" to feed off a plethora of positive energy on race day, even when I was having a super bad race (e.g. Vancouver's little cone fiasco).

Despite all this excitement, it seemed to be perfect timing that my client offered a cruise social just before my weekend trip to Penticton. I knew it would be impolite to refuse free food! My little princess cruise just before getting picked up for the extravaganza road trip – now that was tapering in fashion.

Watch it, it's the far right Yacht!

There seems to be no easy way to transition from epic cruise boat into town of Penticton. So without a further a do, here's some more randomness and pre-race pics.  

(psst...spoiler alert -stay tuned for part 2)  Me - potentially

Just a tip, doing your first Ironman is a super good excuse to borrow a friend's race wheels...Thank you Derrick!!
 My prison bracelet...DUN DUN DUN, with my race number kindly labled 2-0-4 (if you believe in Chinese superstitions that is, oh I'm so asian).

In short, the number 2 sounds like 'easy' and the number 4 sounds like 'death' or something like that.  Ah should be fine, I keep telling everyone I'm feeling confident...
And as confident I was...I was getting the feeling Christmas came early and I was stoked to see how far my preparations for this "A" race of the season will turn out! I started from scratch a long time ago and this was the defining moment of a rockstar to say I've done the real deal - DEE IRONMAN. Stay tuned for part 2 of series (too bad I have to work all through the long weekend, otherwise this post may have came sooner)!!

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