Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pre-Race Series Thoughts

I think coming into this UBCTC Spring Fling Race Series people are wondering what I am doing here, because out of the top male contenders, I may be outcasted for not having a solid sprint in any of the three swim-bike-run disciplines. These much younger GUNS participating in this race series are easily smoking passed me in our intervals training.

AWESOME STREAMLINES (more or less)!!

I’m definitely not known for my sprinting ability compared to these younger guns, but rather known more or less for my race experiences, my ability to perform awesome streamlines, and my superb fashion sense. These are the assets I will be looking to improve upon. Also I’ve been nerding it up in the design studio a lot lately, so I can’t really brag about my fitness level as of yet. Clearly I’m no threat, if it was up to these tight olympic security road blocks seen at every intersection of the city, they might as well wave me straight through because I’m on nobody’s radar readings.

I think most people still don’t know my real name (Winstorm). So, I think this might be a good thing, I don’t have such a big target on my back to worry about.


  1. It sounded like you're using a settler strategy; keep quiet, and hope that no one would target you.

  2. Don't worry Winstorm you will always be my run target!