Thursday, December 31, 2009

Winter Holidays 2009

(...the blog post I probably should have made about a month ago...opps!)

With the very first UBCTC Fall Classic Race Series all wrapped up, it’s finally nice to have some time off from racing. And by time off from racing, I really mean more time spent towards training. I’ll clue you in later why this is the case.

Coming into this race series, I would have no doubt chuckled if someone were to consider me as a ‘big gun’, let alone a podium finisher in the male division. This petite-figured Asian guy, often underestimated, surely wouldn’t attract the attention that other pre-series favourites would have, especially since there were many to choose from, trust me. You may go as far as to compare this analogy to the Team Canada Men’s Hockey team selection for the Olympics and I will probably be one of the guys that are good, but not good enough to make the team. Nevertheless this friendly scoring system of the race series became my best of friends, when it rewards bonus participation points for showing up and does a uniform distribution of points spread among the first to last finisher, meaning the system levelled the playing field for everybody. All of a sudden, winning the race series really came down to attendance to all the events, consistency to place well (not necessary well in terms of time as I have learned in the 500m swim test set), and malleability to the often challenging and sometimes unfamiliar events (like tire-changing and underwater distance swim).

I think I’ve poked fun at Nathaniel Janzen enough times during this race series, and by now he probably realizes this and doesn’t want to admit it on the record, but I think my level of competitive spirited smacktalk must had (yes must had!) inspired him to do wonderful things in the pool and the run courses, which he can tell you all about.

One thing memorable about the race series was Vincent Lavallee’s continued commentary throughout the series events and perhaps he may be most famous, if he isn't already, for his long-winded (21 minutes?) speech at the awards presentation. I don’t think I’ve heard anything longer and vividly delivered speech by a more-sober person. When stacked on paper against Matt Reeve, the eventual winner of the Vincent Lavallee’s Cup and race series overall leader, the numbers don’t look quite so impressive for my camp. To Matt Reeve's credit, he did beat me in all of the 12 events possible. I was not shutout though, the one competition he did not beat me in was the swim relay (since he was on my team, and hence it was not possible). Also, ahem...that famous bi-annual beer mile event.

After all this racing and training and yes school, I noticed my training log had significantly more hours than it did last year. In fact I was very close to the centennial markers for each of swim, bike, and run which I had not achieved in any previous years. Here’s a look at what I had.

Now flashback back to today.

I’m glad to officially announce that I have achieved this feat for 2009! I’ve also noticed an improvement in the swim department, which likely means for 2010 I’ll need to hit the pool at least 3 times a week to reap the gains. Maybe my numbers are still relatively miniscule compared to any professional tri-athlete, but hey it’s the personal success that counts.

It’s nice to reflect upon what I have done this year. Here’s a final look at my totals from 2008 and 2009 years.

Thanks for reading, I wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

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